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Storm Water Management Documents

  • Table 1 - MCM 1 Programs
  • Table 2 - MCM 2 Programs
  • Table 3 - MCM 3 Programs
  • Table 4 - MCM 4 Programs
  • Table 5 - MCM 5 Programs
  • Table 6 - MCM 6 Programs

1. Public Education and Outreach

  • Attendance at Salt Lake County Storm Water Coalition Log*
  • Attendance at Utah Storm Water Advisory Committee Log*
  • Articles Published in Newsletter (link to newsletters)
  • Flyers Distributed in Utility Billing Log*
  • Attendance at Water Quality Fair Log*
  • Employee Training Log*

2. Public Participation/Involvement

  • Collection Event Flyers*

3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

4. Construction Site Runoff Control

  • Monthly Inspection Log*
  • Enforcement Log*
  • SWPPP Compliance Inspection Forms*

5. Post-Construction Runoff Control

  • Maintenance and Inspections by Owners of Private Structural Controls*
  • Inspections Completed by City of Private Structural Controls*

6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping City-Owned or Operated Facilities Storm Water Maintenance Plan

  • City-Owned or Operated Facilities
  • Map of City-Owned or Operated Facilities
  • Spill Prevention and Response Plan
  • Inventory of Floor Drains on City-Owned Facility Properties Maintained in City GIS Database*
  • Inventory of Storm Drains on City-Owned Facility Properties Maintained in City GIS Database*

* Indicates a document/data that is not posted on the website but is available upon request. 


Solid Waste


Trails and Open Space

Water Department

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