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Emergency Management and Preparedness

Over 600 of Utah’s communities have been classified as “at risk” of wildfire. The safety of the citizens of any community and the protection of private property and community infrastructure is a shared responsibility between the citizens; the owner, developer or association; and the local, county, state and federal governments. The primary responsibility, however, remains with the local government and the citizen/owner.

Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan

The emergency operation plan (EOP) will be activated and implemented when the mayor declares an emergency or when an emergency is imminent or probable and the implementation of this EOP and the activation of the Draper City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a prudent proactive response.

Draper City Emergency Operation Plan

The Disaster Mitigation of 2000 was enacted to establish a national disaster hazard mitigation program to reduce the loss of life and property, human suffering, economic disruption, and disaster assistance costs resulting from natural disasters, and to assist state, local, and Indian tribal governments in implementing effective hazard mitigation measures designed to ensure the continuation of critical services and facilities after a natural disaster. Draper City is a community that preserves its unique identity and heritage and provides protection and services for its citizens.

Draper City Hazard Mitigation Plan

The following plans are in the process of being updated:

  • Draper City Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
  • Draper City Continuity of Operations Plan & Pandemic-Specific Continuity of Operations Annex
    • City Hall
    • Draper City Water
    • Fire Department
    • Police Department
    • Public Works
    • Parks and Recreation
    • WaterPro
  • Draper City Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan - Shelter Annex
  • Draper City Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan - Logistics Annex


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