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Animal Carcass Removal

Wildlife Carcass Removal

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has a Roadkill Reporter App. You may also report to their office at (801) 491-5678. Please be aware it could take a few days for DWR to respond.

If the carcass is a traffic hazard, please report to Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) at (801) 840-4000. 

Injured Deer or Any Other Large Animal (Cow, Horse)

To report an injured deer or other large animal found on a Draper road, please call VECC at (801) 840-4000. They will contact the Draper City Police Department to take care of and assist the animal.

Small Animal Carcass Removal

To report a small animal carcass on Draper streets, such as a skunk, porcupine, dog, cat, or any other small animal, please contact Draper City Animal Services at (801) 576-1805. Draper City Animal Services will remove the carcass.

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