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Lost Pets

If you have lost a pet, Draper Animal Services is where to start your search to have it returned. All animals impounded by the animal services are taken to the animal shelter. Following are tips to find your pet:

  • Check this page to see if your pet is listed. 
  • Visit your city's local animal shelter daily.

  • Please do not call the shelter when looking for a pet, you are the best person to identify your animals.  

  • Draper Animal Services holds all strays for a minimum of five business days before placing the animal up for adoption or release to a rescue group.

  • See if your shelter has a deceased animal log to see if your animal was picked up.

  • Make flyers to post in your neighborhood, at local veterinary clinics, on public bulletin boards, and at your local shelter.

  • Post and share photos on social media outlets or lost and found sites online.

  • Ask your neighbors, postal carrier, or delivery person, show them pictures, and ask if they have seen your animal or any found animal sign in the area.

  • If you have found an animal please take it to the local animal shelter. This gives the animal a better chance of being reunited with its owner. Remember, animal owners cannot find their pet if it’s not turned in or kept in your home. Please check with an animal clinic or shelter to see if the animal has a microchip, this information will help get the animal back to its owner.

Domestic Short Hair Cat – Black/White, female. Found in the area of 11600 S 200 E.
Domestic Short Hair Cat – Brown Tabby/White. Found in the area of 600 E 11900 S.
Domestic Long Hair Cat - Siamese mix, cream/tan/brown. Found in the area of 13200 S. Minuteman Drive.
Domestic Short Hair Cat - White/brown tabby. Found in the area of 13200 S Minuteman Drive.
Domestic Short Hair Cat - Black. Found in the area of 11900 S. 600 E.
Domestic Long Hair Cat - Brown tabby. Found in the area of 13200 S. 1200 E.

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