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Passport applications are taken by appointment only. Schedule an appointment to apply for a passport.

Passport Application Requirements

Printable Passport Checklist

1. A Passport Application is required for each person applying for a passport. Applications must be filled out before arriving at your appointment. Click here for the application: Passport Application

2. Each person applying for a passport, including minors, must be present.

3. A Passport photo is required. Draper City can take your photo for $10.00 per photo. Click here for requirements: Photo Requirements

4. A Valid Photo ID is required with your application, provide at least one of the following:

  • Current driver's license
  • Aircraft pilot's license
  • Official military ID card
  • Passport
  • Parent's identification for minor applicants (under age 16)

 5. Proof of Citizenship is required with your application, provide at least one of the following:

    • Original birth certificate or certified copy issued by the county health department (hospital-issued birth certificates are not accepted)
    • Original Certificate of Naturalization
    • Original Certificate of Citizenship
    • Previous U.S. passport book or card

Payment Requirements

Passport Application Fee: A check required for each application (personal or business check, cashier check, counter check, or money order) made payable to the U.S. Department of State

Execution Fee and Photo Fee: Payable to Draper City by credit/debit card, check or cash.

For what to expect when applying for your passport, please watch the video above.

Passport Requirements for Minors Under Age 16

  1. Minors need to come in with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to apply for a passport.
  2. Both parents must be present unless one parent has filled out a State of Consent (form 3053), or a guardian must provide proof of custody (sole legal and physical), death certificate, or legal guardianship paperwork.
  3. If a parent has a different last name for the minor applicant (excepting maiden name) please provide a marriage license or court order showing the name change.
  4. Birth certificate for each minor.
  5. Provide each minor's valid passport if previously issued. 
  6. For children under age 16, minor passport application fees apply. 
  7. Minor Passports are valid for five years. 

Passport Requirements for Minors Age 16 and 17

  1. Minors can apply independently of parents if they can submit sufficient photo ID and evidence of parental awareness (check from a parent or parent listed as emergency contact). One parent's attendance is required if either of these requirements is not met.
  2. Provide a valid passport if previously issued.
  3. Original birth certificate or certified copy issued by the county health department (hospital-issued birth certificates are not accepted). 
  4. For minors aged 16 or 17, adult passport application fees apply. 
  5. Adult Passports are valid for ten years.

Passport Adult Renewals

Adult Passport Renewals may be done by mail if certain requirements are met. Click here for more information: Adult Renewal Requirements

Passport Processing Time and Fees

Effective December 18, 2023, passport processing times are as follows:

Routine Service: 6 - 8 Weeks
Expedited Service: 2 - 3 Weeks

The time frames above start from the day the Department of State receives your application, not from the date of submission. Be aware that mailing times are not included within these time frames.

Fee Breakdown

Please note: The application fee (payable to the US Department of State) and the execution fee (payable to Draper City) are paid separately. 

Adults (16 and older) Passport Fees:

 ProductRoutine Application Fee Expedite Application Fee Execution Fee
 Passport Book$130$190$35
 Passport Card$30$90$35
Passport Book & Card$160$220$35

Minors (Under 16) Passport Fees:

 ProductRoutine Application FeeExpedite Application FeeExecution Fee
Passport Book$100$160$35
Passport Card$15$75$35
Passport Book & Card$115$175$35

* Passport cards are valid for land and sea entry only into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. They cannot be used if you plan to fly to one of these destinations.

Click here for additional services, including overnight delivery.

Please see the U.S. Department of State website for the following information:   

    • Downloadable application forms (you must put your social security number on your passport application)
    • Current requirements and fees
    • Travel warnings
    • Consular information sheets (on every country in the world)
    • Check on the status of your application at: Please allow seven days for your passport information to be viewable online.