Code Enforcement

Code EnforcementDraper City's Code Compliance Department exists to align with codes so that all Draper residents can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and better place to live. Areas of concentration include improvement of neighborhoods, integrity of property value, compliance with zoning laws, enforcement of business licenses, and enforcement of the sign ordinance.

Draper City Code

This searchable document details all current Draper City codes.

Common Code Violations

  • Overgrown weeds 7-13-040 (A)
  • Weeds in the park strip 7-13-030 (D)
  • Parking on the sidewalk 9-25-050 (J)
  • Prohibited signs 9-26-120
  • No parking permitted on front and side lawns 9-25-050 (G2)
  • No parking permitted on vacant lots or open land 9-25-050 (F)
  • RV and Boat parking 9-25-050 (H)
  • Encroachment Section 15-1-080

Reporting a Code Violation

A Code Enforcement Complaint covers signs, weeds, and trash. To report a code violation, use our online portal


If you received a notice, please contact our Code Compliance Office:

Ph: (801) 576-6567