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National Register Listings

Draper currently has fourteen properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NR). Nominations for the Register are usually initiated by Draper's Historic Preservation Commission and require the property to exhibit a high level of architectural integrity and an important tie to Draper or National history.

There are significant benefits to National Register listing and fewer restrictions than commonly thought. If you would like more information about listing on the National Register, please contact the Draper Historic Preservation Commission or the State Historic Preservation Office.

Draper Park School - 1912
12441 S. 900 E.
Benjamin and Olivia Meek House
12782 S. Fort Street
S. J. Mickelsen Hardware Store and Lumber Company
12582 S. Fort Street
Joseph E. and Mina W. Mickelsen House
782 E. Pioneer Road
Draper Poultrymen and Egg Producer's Plant
1017 E. Pioneer Road
Joseph M. and Celestia Smith House
12357 S. Relation Street
J.R. Allen House
1047 E. 13200 S.
Lauritz H. and Emma Smith House
12423 S. Relation Street
Reid Beck House
12542 S. 900 E.
Lauritz Smith House
1350 E. Pioneer Road
Crossgrove House
12736 S. Boulter St.
Mary Smith House
12544 S. Relation Street
Perry and Agnes Wadsworth Fitzgerald House
1144 E. Pioneer Road
Glen M. and Roxie Walbeck House
12875 S. Boulter Street

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