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Historical Society

With a rich history dating back to 1849, Draper’s first settlers, a small group of early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, provide a unique story of their long trek across the central plains of the U.S to the Salt Lake Valley, and then finally to South Willow Creek, which was eventually renamed Draper.

The Draper Historical Society was organized to protect and preserve the City's history. This volunteer organization gathers and protects historical documents, pictures, artifacts, and personal stories. The members encourage the study of Draper's history by establishing a public museum, art gallery, library, and archives.

This local museum is maintained by volunteers who have collected hundreds of items from Draper's past and is open to the public. The museum features pioneer artifacts, dolls and lace, farming equipment, egg production items, sports memorabilia, and World War I memorabilia. Come learn about our pioneer's incredible experiences, triumphs, and tragedies, and come to know those who laid the foundation of our community.

We welcome individuals, school classes, businesses, and organizations.

Mission and Vision

The Draper Historical Society promotes and preserves the history of Draper by gathering and protecting historical documents, pictures, artifacts, personal stories, and historical publications.


  • Encourage the study of Draper's history by establishing a public museum, art gallery, library, and archives
  • Promote the preservation, proper organization, and publication of authentic historical records
  • Acquire and preserve for the use of the Society and the public, objects, and materials that illuminate the history of Draper
  • Undertake historical research into people, sites, buildings, events, or issues and participate in activities aimed at promoting, commemorating, and/or, where relevant, preserving and conserving them
  • Promote the dissemination of information by lectures, seminars, workshops, excursions of historic and geographic interest, and exhibitions
  • Encourage the establishment of societies with aims consistent with these purposes, to support their activities and to promote a network of regional associations to link them to each other and the Society
  • Publish relevant newsletters, journals, presentations, and other material
  • Encourage new memberships in the Society to support and promote these goals and objectives

Board Members

Ann Covington
Brent Miller
David Ferre
Esther Kinder
Howard Smith
Linda Richins
Luana Guyman
Lynne Orgill
Paul Smith
Ray Glad

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