Draper Wellness

draper wellness logo_familyDraper Wellness is a community coalition focused on providing wellness education and resources.

This page is updated quarterly with an area of focus and resources. If you have any needs or suggestions to better support the community in the area of health and wellness, contact us via email at info@draperutah.gov

Please visit our coalition partners' websites via the linked buttons at the bottom of this page for information about their programs and events.

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What are benefits of recreation and leisure?

Quality of life – fresh air, sunshine, social interaction, health benefits and self esteem all will improve quality of life. 

Preventative health – regular exercise, physiological benefits from mild exercise, and stress reduction all are made easier by having leisure and recreational activities readily available. 

  • Develops Personal Development and Growth
  • Physical Health
  • Self Esteem and Self Reliance
  • Creativity and Sense of Accomplishment
  • Creates More Fun
  • Enhances Pleasure
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Life Satisfaction

Check out the parks, trails, and recreation programs offered by Draper City Parks & Recreation