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Public Comment - Potential Creation of New School District in Utah County


Six cities in northern Utah County held a rare, joint public meeting to kick off a 45-day public comment period for the potential creation of a new school district. On June 18, the mayors and city councils of Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Draper, Highland and Lehi heard directly from the independent public finance advisors they had hired to conduct a feasibility study. The study assessed the fiscal impacts of a potential new school district, including start-up costs, capital facilities and staffing. It also took an in-depth look at student enrollment growth and revenue projections from federal, state and local sources. 


The study concluded that the creation of a Central School District (CSD) is a viable opportunity that could provide less of a future property tax burden in these communities if they separated from the Alpine School District (ASD). The final fiscal impact would be decided based on the management decisions of a future school board, as well as the economics, demographics, and facility needs.


“We are collaborating closely with our neighboring cities to ensure our residents’ voices are well represented in the decision-making process regarding a potential split from the Alpine School District,” said Lehi City Councilmember Heather Newall. “We will continue to study the potential creation of the Central School District objectively to provide the public with the facts they need to make informed decisions. Ultimately, voters will get to choose what works best for their children’s future.”


On April 29, 2024, the councils of all six cities voted unanimously to form an interlocal agreement and study the creation of a potential new school district. For Draper City, the district would serve the portion of their residents living in Utah County. At over 84,000 students, ASD is the largest school district in Utah and is growing fast. The six cities in the proposed CSD have come together to provide an opportunity for voters to decide whether to split from ASD. The city councils in the proposed CSD boundaries are scheduled to vote on Tuesday, August 6 regarding whether to put the proposal on the ballot.


Discussions about the creation of CSD have focused on whether the new school district would provide more direct representation for local decision making, better represent the unique and diverse needs of the six cities, and more equitably invest education funding for students. Should voters approve the creation of the Central School District on November 5, 2024, voters would then elect the new school board members in November 2025 and the newly elected members take office in January 2026. Work would then commence to divide the existing resources between ASD and CSD. The new CSD board would start to oversee CSD operations in July 2027. 


“My team has been impressed with the professionalism and dedication that the cities have exhibited throughout the study process,” said Laura Lewis, principal at LRB Public Finance Advisors. “Our study found that the potential new Central School District is a viable opportunity for these cities in northern Utah County. We hope that the results of our study will equip voters with the information they need to make the right decision for their communities.”


The 45-day public comment period allows residents to get involved in the discussions regarding the potential new school district. A dozen public hearings are scheduled in each of the six cities between July 2 and July 30 to allow members of the public to comment on the proposal. In addition, comments can be submitted to through Friday, August 2, 2024. The study results are publicly available on the Central School District website at A presentation on the study was broadcast live and is available on Highland City’s YouTube Channel here




About Central School District | The Central School District (CSD) is the temporary name for a potential new school district in northern Utah County. If voters approve of the new school district, a future school board would select the final name. CSD is coordinated through an interlocal agreement signed by the cities of Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, Draper, Highland and Lehi. For more information, please visit


This press release is intended to present factual information only. For the perspectives of proponents of and opponents to the creation of the proposed Central School District, please visit

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