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Block Clubs

Do you want to help make your community better? Block Clubs are a great way to improve the quality of your neighborhood. Strong communities stem from neighbors helping neighbors.

Block Clubs are a  less formal, scaled-down version of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Creating a Block Club can infuse a sense of connection and cooperation in the community because they are smaller, more intimate groups of neighbors. Neighbors may more easily get acquainted with one another and share ideas and resources.

The benefits of a Block Club range from neighborhoods having a collective voice in the city, identifying problems unique to the area and finding acceptable solutions, and engaging in social gatherings. Block Club activities include:

  • Collective voice for block concerns
  • Social events to beautify the block
  • Service projects to help block members with yard work or snow removal
  • Engage in block parties and skills exchange
  • Attend the National Night Out Against Crime event

Strong neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods, and the Draper City Police Department is dedicated to helping you strengthen your block. We offer:

  • Attendance at block social events and parties
  • Crime Prevention 101 training
  • Regular safety updates to share with all block members.

Although the police department provides guidance in organizing and maintaining Block Clubs, community volunteers, such as you, actually run the program. That way you can tailor the program to your neighborhood's unique character.

What if a traditional Block Club isn't right for your neighborhood? There are many ways people organize themselves; the important part is organizing around issues that affect you and your neighbors in a way that works. Some different, but equally effective ways to organize include:

  • Vertical Block Clubs — Many neighborhoods are multi-unit apartment buildings or condominiums. Organizing within your building will help recognize suspicious behaviors and/or issues that may only be affecting your area.
  • Walking Clubs — Combine improved personal health with the health of your neighborhood. While walking, you may identify graffiti, abandoned vehicles, or suspicious activities.
  • Virtual Block Clubs — Busy schedules can prohibit face-to-face interaction, but a virtual block club allows members to meet via the Internet.

Encouraging Neighbors to Watch Out for One Another

Once a Block Club is established in your area, members are encouraged to watch out for one another, target harden their homes, and hold regular meetings or neighborhood events at least once a year. This way everyone can keep up-to-date on current crime trends and continue to build a sense of community.

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