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Siberian Peashrub

Plant Details

Plant Type: Shrub
Plant Family: Fabaceae
Plant Description: Large thorny upright shrub native to Siberia and Mongolia. Bright green pinnately compound leaves grow on bright green branches. Brilliant yellow pea-like flowers bloom in Spring followed by greenish-brown seed pods. Tolerates extreme cold, drought, and poor soils. Siberian Peashrub is known to be invasive in the midwestern US.


Shrub - Renewal (woody multi-stemmed plants that lose their leaves every winter and looks best on younger stems, which emerge from the base of the plant): Prune regularly to promote health, provide circulation, maintain a desirable shape, and to remove dead or damaged branches.

Pruning is best done in late winter to early spring for most shrubs. With Spring blooming shrubs, prune after the blooms are spent. When pruning, remove 1/3rd of the oldest branches by cutting at the base of the shrub. Monitor for pests, diseases, or other ailments on a regular basis.


Mature Size: 15-20' tall x 12-15' wide
Utah Native: No
Pollinator Friendly: Yes
Foliage Colors: Light Green
Bloom Colors: 
Bloom Seasons: Spring
Bloom Period: April - May

Growing Conditions

Hardiness Zone: 2 to 8
Light Requirement: Full Sun (6+ hours)
Irrigation Requirement: Very Low (Water to Establish)

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