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Blue Wonder Catmint

Plant Details

Plant Type: Perennial
Plant Family: Lamiaceae
Plant Description: Dwarf, mounding perennial with oval, deeply veined, grayish green, aromatic leaves. Summer brings loose clusters of small lavender blue catnip and is somewhat enticing to cats.


Perennial - Herbaceous (soft-stemmed plants that die in winter and regrow in spring): Remove spent blooms to promote rebloom later. Some plants tend to flop over after the first bloom and attempt to regrow from the base; in these cases, the old stems can be cut away in the summer. As plants become dormant in the fall, remove dead leaves and stems.


Mature Size: 8-18" tall x 12-18" wide
Utah Native: No
Pollinator Friendly: Yes
Foliage Colors: Gray-green
Bloom Colors: 
Blue, Purple, Lavender
Bloom Seasons: Early to Late Summer
Bloom Period: May - September

Growing Conditions

Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8
Light Requirement: Full to partial sun (4-6+ hours)
Irrigation Requirement: Low (1/2" every 10-14 days)

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