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Utilities Agreement - Owner Commercial

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  2. Utilities Agreement - Commercial Owner
    Water and/or Solid Waste and Storm Water Services (801) 576-6512 or (801) 576-6504
  3. Please note that this agreement can only be completed by someone who is legally on the property title with the County Recorder's office.
  4. Application Information
    Please fill out the information below if you are the owner of the property. Once you have filled out the form, click on submit and your application will be sent to the Draper City Financial Department.
  5. Terms & Conditions
    By entering your signature in the box below, you are entering into an agreement with Draper City for your utility services and that you have read and agreed to the Draper City Municipal Code regarding utility service. I hereby apply to Draper City for permission to connect to the Draper Water System and/or participate in the Draper City Solid Waste Program and Storm Water System.
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