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Draper Days 2023 Rodeo Merchandise Vendor Application & Agreement

  1. Vendor Information

    Vendors are set up at the Ballard Arena. The event is held July 7 & 8. Gates open at 6:00 PM, event starts at 7:30 PM. Vendors may begin setting up as early as 9:00 AM Friday, July 7. Vendors must be open to the public no later than 6:00 PM on both nights.

    Vendor space is limited, and not all applications will be accepted. Applications are not accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Criteria for acceptance is product quality, uniqueness, presentation, pricing, and the ability of applicants to serve large numbers of patrons. 

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  4. Space Location and Fees Information

    Vendor Type

    Space Fee 

    Space Size

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    10 x 10 ft.

    Located under the pavilion on concrete


    Fourteen (14) spaces available

    Does not include awning, tables, or chairs

  5. Describe your presentation and list merchandise items with prices.

  6. Goods or Service Vendor Guidelines
    1. No weapons of any kind, real or fake, may be displayed or sold at this event
    2. Applicant is responsible to secure their canopy by weight. City requires that 40-pounds of weight be affixed to each canopy leg. Applicant shall follow canopy manufactures instructions if weight requirements are greater than 40-pounds of weight per leg. Weights shall not create a trip hazard or impede walkways. Ground staking shall not replace required weights on each canopy leg. Applicant shall ensure that their canopy and display equipment does not extend beyond the booth space they have been assigned; this includes any rails, stands or additional equipment. 
    3. Applicant agrees to obey all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, policies, and procedures of the United States, the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, and the City.
    4. The event is held rain or shine; however, the event may be cancelled due to inclement weather as determined in the City’s sole and absolute discretion.
    5. No refund of space fees will be given for any reason including vendor cancellation or inclement weather.
    6. Applicants are required to be set up and operating during the event hours of operation. If applicant is not set up and operating during the event’s hours of operation, the City reserves the right to reassign the space to another vendor without refund to applicant.
    7. City reserves the right to refuse the participation of any vendor
    8. Applicant will be notified by email of approval or denial. 
    9. Vendor booth space location assignments are made at the sole discretion of the City. Booth space assignments must be adhered to and are not transferable. 
    10. Vendors will be provided a Utah Tax Commission one-day Special Event Sales Tax form. Vendors must complete this form after the event and mail it to the Utah State Tax Commission along with their sales tax payment.
    11. Vendors are responsible to collect, report, and pay all taxes, including, but not limited to, Utah State sales tax.
    12. Vehicle access to booth space is controlled during the event’s hours of operation
    13. Vendors participate at their own risk, City makes no claims or guarantees as to number in attendance.
    14. Vendors consent to and authorize the use and reproduction, in print or electronic format, by Draper City or anyone authorized by Draper City, of all photographs or videos for any publicity purpose.  
    15. City does not guarantee vendor exclusivity. 
    16. Vendor is totally responsible for the security of their booth space and all equipment, product, and personal items during the event and overnight. Draper City shall not be responsible for loss, damage and/or theft of vendors product, equipment, goods, supplies, canopies, tables or chairs. Draper City is not responsible for items left within booth spaces overnight.
    17. Applicants shall not assign or subcontract any part of its duties or rights under this Agreement. City shall have the right to inspect the space at all times. City may immediately terminate this Agreement at any time if Applicant violates any of the provision hereof, or if reasonably necessary in the interest of safety or property. The Applicant shall immediately terminate its use of the space upon written or oral notice from the City's representative of such termination in a prompt safe and orderly manner. City shall not be liable to the Applicant for any claim, loss or damages of any kind or for the return of any part of the Applicant fee arising from termination under this section. 
    18. Applicant shall not make sales of its products or services at any place other than its assigned space location. City retains the right to permit other persons to sell the same or similar items at the event.
  7. Acknowledge and Sign Below

    In consideration for Draper City allowing the undersigned to participate in this event, the undersigned his/her heirs and assigns, do hereby release and hold harmless Draper City, its directors, officers, employees and agents from any liability for damages or injuries suffered or any other claims in connection with or arising out of the event including transportation.

     The undersigned acknowledges that they have read and agree to these guidelines and that all information submitted is true and complete.

  8. For all purposes herein, an electronic or typed signature shall be deemed the same as an original handwritten signature.

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