What are some of the standards that have to be met for an I-ADU?

Below is a list of some of the regulations on I-ADUs.  

  1. A valid ADU Permit is required before an I-ADU can be rented or leased or offered for rent or lease.
  2. The I-ADU shall be rented or leased for a time period of at least 30 consecutive days or more.
  3. The primary dwelling on the property has to be owner occupied. 
  4. The property is limited to one I-ADU.
  5. There shall be at least one extra parking space on site for the ADU. Parking spaces may not be tandem, or located directly behind another space.
  6. If the garage of the home is enclosed to create the I-ADU, another garage shall be provided, either attached or detached to the home. 
  7. The exterior of the dwelling may not be changed or altered in a way that would make it appear to not be a single-family home. 
  8. Some properties may not qualify for an I-ADU based on lot size, roadway width or roadway ownership. Please visit the interactive map to verify if your property is eligible for an I-ADU.
  9. The I-ADU may not be serviced by separate utility meters from the primary dwelling.

Attached ADU floorplan graphic - Millcreek City Erin O-Kelley

Graphic courtesy Erin O'Kelley - Millcreek City

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