Notice is hereby given that the Traverse Ridge Special Service District Administrative Control Board will hold a Business Meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in the SunCrest Community Center, 2016 East Village Green Circle, Draper, UT.

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Public Comments
    1. Consideration of November 11, 2018 Minutes for approval
    2. Financial Reports
      1. Strategy session to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation (possible closed session)
      2. Approve amendment to attorney engagement letter and retainer.
      3. Adjourn

Board members may participate in the meeting via telephonic communication. If a Board member does participate via telephonic communication, the Board member will be on speakerphone. The speakerphone will be amplified so that the other Board members and all other persons present in the meeting room will be able to hear all discussions.

certify that copies of the agenda for the Traverse Ridge Special Service DistrictAdministrative Control Board meeting to be held on December 17, 2018, 2018 were posted

SunCrest Community Center, Draper City, and the Utah Public Notice Website. Date Post: December 17, 2018