Open Space Master Plan

Final Open Space Master Plan Adopted April 19, 2016

Draper City consultants (Logan Simpson), Draper City staff, and the Open Space Steering Committee spent months developing the open space master plan. The process involved reviewing public input provided from public workshops, surveys and open houses. The Draper City Council adopted the Master Plan at its April 19, 2016 meeting. The plan establishes a vision for the city open space land on Traverse Mountain Range and identify suitable locations for recreation and conservation activities.

Draper City Open Space Master Plan - Adopted April 19, 2016

Biker in Corner Canyon

What is the Open Space Master Plan?

The Traverse Mountain Range, including the Corner Canyon area, is more than a scenic backdrop to Draper City. Generations of citizens of southern Salt Lake County and northern Utah County have depended on wild lands for watershed, livestock grazing, mining and timber resources. More recently the Traverse Mountains have become Draper’s backyard and its playground, and a regional access point to Forest Service lands, including the Lone Peak Wilderness Area.

With the purchases of Corner Canyon in 2005 and undeveloped land in SunCrest in 2012, along with the open space dedications from developments, Draper City enjoys approximately 4,600 acres of open space along the Traverse Mountain Range. The Corner Canyon Regional Park Master Plan, adopted in 2016 is the plan to address the great potential for how the foothill open spaces can be conserved while accommodating recreational use in the future.

Why does it matter?

The Draper Open Space Plan contains the vision for City lands on the Traverse Mountain Range and suitable locations for recreation and conservation activities. It identifies improved trailheads, trails, safety, management, and how to pay for the opportunities Draper citizens love.
Trees in Corner Canyon

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