Fireworks / Fire Danger

Fire Preparedness

Draper City is advising community members to please be careful with fireworks this season and use them only in permitted areas. In 2021 Utah is experiencing severe drought conditions and this summer season is predicted to be a very dry, hot weather pattern.

Fireworks - Restricted Areas in Draper City

To protect lives and property, the use of fireworks is prohibited in certain areas of Draper City. These areas will be strictly enforced. View the Fireworks Restrictions Map for details. 

Fireworks Restrictions Map

In general, fireworks are NOT allowed south of 138th South, east of 1300 East and west of I-15. Fireworks are NOT allowed in the Suncrest area. Fireworks are NOT allowed in all Draper City Parks per City Code Section 15-1-050 (g): Possession and Use of Firearms, Dangerous Weapons, or Fireworks. It shall be unlawful for any person to carry or discharge any firearm or explosive of any kind including fireworks at a recreation facility excepting law enforcement officers and those who are allowed by state code or have received written consent to do so from the Manager.

Sparklers are allowed in all areas of Draper, however residents are asked to use precaution in dry, grassy areas. Always have a bucket of water nearby to douse the hot sparklers. 

Sale Dates 

Class “C” fireworks can be sold the following dates:
June 24 – July 25
December 29 – December 31
2 days before and on Chinese New Year’s Eve

Discharge Dates and Times

Between the hours of 11 AM and 11 PM except as noted:
  • July 2 – July 5 (July 4 hours extended to midnight)
  • July 22 – 25 (July 24 hours extended to midnight)
  • December 31* (11 PM – 1 AM January 1)
  • Chinese New Year’s Eve (11 PM – 1 AM the following day)
*If New Year's eve is on a Sunday and the local governmental jurisdiction determines to celebrate New Year's eve on the prior Saturday (Dec 30), then it is lawful to discharge Class C common state approved explosives on that prior Saturday. 

Please note:  
Class C fireworks are not allowed during Draper Days events in July.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Did you know fireworks caused 19,500 fires in the U.S. in 2018? Draper had its own close encounter with the Traverse Mountain Fire in 2020, which was started by fireworks in a restricted area. Fortunately, the wildfire was contained and no structures were lost. We may not always be this fortunate though if we are not careful with fireworks.

To ensure our families, homes and neighborhoods remain safe while celebrating the summer holiday, please heed the restricted fireworks areas and follow these safety tips: 

  • Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks 
  • Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of a small fire or other mishap
  • Only light fireworks one at a time then quickly move back

Chinese Lanterns - Prohibited

Chinese Lanterns, also known as Khoom Fay, are paper lanterns or sky lanterns that emit a stunning glow and stay lit for 20 minutes and can travel several miles. While beautiful and exciting, they are prohibited in any part of Draper City. View the Chinese Lantern Information Sheet.

Firewise Program

The Firewise Program is being introduced in Draper with the goal to reduce the loss of lives, property and resources to wildland fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings. Landowners understandably prefer to make choices related to their surroundings. Often people believe there is nothing they can do, that wildfire mitigation is too difficult or prohibitively expensive. This is not the case. Get involved and learn about the Firewise Program.