Draper Days Parade

Parade is postponed until 2022

The Draper Days Parade is a celebration held in July to honor the pioneer history of Draper City.


Date & Time

The Draper Days Parade is postponed until 2022. The parade starts promptly at 9 a.m. and runs for approximately two hours. This is Draper's largest parade and thousands of people attend this great community event! 
Parade Route Map (PDF)

Parade Route

The parade starts at the corner of Stokes Avenue and Fort Street and travels north on Fort Street and ends at the intersection of Fort Street and Pioneer. 

Parade Coordinator

AJ Clayson

Email AJ
Ph:  (801) 759-6110
Office:  (801) 610-9270

Draper City Draper Days Parade Policy - Resolution No. 19-28

“Draper Days" is a non-political, family-oriented celebration held every year in mid-July to honor the pioneer history and sense of community of Draper City.  The parade is part of the Draper Days activities, and is conducted on City streets by members of the Draper Days Committee;

Policy 19-01
Draper City may exercise its government speech by withholding funds to the Draper Community Foundation for the Parade if the following types of entries are permitted in the Parade: 

1) Entries that advocate for or against the election or reelection of a
particular candidate, or for or against a political issue or ballot proposition;

2) Entries that are not consistent with the purpose of the parade, which is to celebrate the City’s
pioneer heritage and sense of community;

3) Entries that, by community standards,divide rather than unite the community; and entries that lack significant historical connection to Draper. 

Candidates and advocates may attend the Parade as spectators,and in that capacity may display signs or hand out leaflets from the adjoining public sidewalk supporting or opposing such candidacy or political position. 

Currently-serving elected or appointed officers may participate in the Parade and be identified by name and office to honor their public service; they should not, however, be identified as political candidates in any upcoming election or be allowed to use their participation in the Parade for any campaign purpose.

The Parade Chair / Committee shall approve or reject proposed entries in the Draper Days Parade in accordance with this policy.

Resolution #15-28


Please note that the number of entries allowed in the parade is 100. Once all of the spots are filled up we will no longer take any applications. 

Draper City encourages youth groups, local businesses, bands, churches and all other groups to enter their float in this year's parade. 

  • Please make an effort to make your entries safe for all participants and for all attending the parade. Volunteers will monitor all entries for safety.
  • Each entry is required to keep pace for the entire parade route. Performances should be of such a nature that they can be done while moving at parade pace.
  • The number and type of advertisements passed out along the parade route will also be limited. If you wish to hand these out please indicate this on your application.
  • All motorized vehicle operators must be able to show a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.
  • Candy is allowed to be handed out at the parade.  Please use caution when throwing candy to children. 
  • Each entry is responsible for having someone cleanup after themselves. This applies especially to horse entries. Entrants are required to cleanup after their horses!

Parade Entry Fees

Waived for official Draper Days entries and City Royalty floats. 
  • $20: Entries from non-profit organizations.
  • $40: All other entries.
  • $50: All entries handing out flyers.


Parking is available along side roads and throughout various surrounding neighborhoods. Please be cautious and thoughtful as you park, leaving driveways, mail boxes, and fire hydrants available for access. 

Road Closures

The timing on when road closures will end is not exact, but Stokes will likely open around 10:00 AM, along with 300 East from 134th and 138th. Fort will be open as soon as the parade is over, usually around 11 a.m.


Families can begin lining both sides of the parade route early Saturday morning. We are excited to have various announcers throughout the parade route this year to keep you informed of the participants so keep an eye out for an announcer station! 

There are approximately 100 participants in the parade each year, consisting of beauty queens from our surrounding cities, vibrant and interactive floats, marching bands, local businesses, drill and dance teams, our own Draper City Council members, Draper City Mayor, and our honorable Grand Marshal! Don't forget your chairs, camera, sunscreen and water bottles.