Neighborhood Watch

Chief and Crime Prevention Specialist by Neighborhood Watch sign.A Cost-Effective Way to Aid in Crime Prevention

An active Neighborhood Watch is one of the most successful and least costly crime prevention programs available. Neighborhood Watch is a cooperative effort between the Draper Police Department and the citizens of Draper. It is designed to help reduce residential burglaries and other crimes.

Pieces of the Program

You will learn how to: 

  • Identify and report suspicious activity
  • Better safeguard your home and property
  • Be prepared in case of emergencies.

By working with your neighbors and the police, you can help fight crime in your neighborhood the most effective way...before it begins!

Although the police department provides guidance in organizing and maintaining Neighborhood Watch groups, community volunteers, such as you, actually run the program. That way you can tailor the program to your own neighborhood's unique character.

How Do I Start a Neighborhood Watch in my area?

  • Talk to you neighbors to discuss area needs and concerns.
  • Contact our Crime Prevention Specialist, Sue Campbell, at (801) 576-6342 or to help plan your first meeting – we will assist you!
  • Map out your area and select an Area Leader and Block Captain(s).
  • Set up an email and phone tree among all neighbors.
  • Recruit residents; keep updated information for new residents.
  • Involve everyone – all ages, renters and homeowners.

Encouraging Neighbors to Watch Out for One Another

Once a Neighborhood Watch group is established in your area, members are encouraged to watch out for one another, target harden their homes, and hold regular meetings or neighborhood events at least once a year. This way everyone can keep up-to-date on current crime trends and continue to build a sense of community.

Voluntary Video Surveillance Registration

Please fill out the following information to register your surveillance camera with the Draper City Police Department.

Voluntary Video Surveillance Registration

Contact Information

Please contact Sue Campbell, Crime Prevention Specialist, at 801-576-6342 or for more information and assistance today.