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Deer Ridge Dr. (March to October 2022)

Draper City has contracted to replace a main transmission water line that serves the SunCrest area. Work on replacing the water line is scheduled to begin on March 7, 2022. Work will begin near the intersection of Deer Ridge Dr and Traverse Ridge Rd, with the work zone progressing east. See the project overview map for scope of the work zone. Residents can expect lane closures. The contractor will install temporary lights (as opposed to flaggers) in areas that are reduced to one lane. Updates will be posted on the interactive projects map. This project, including road repair, is expected to be completed by October 1, 2022. 

Project Background:

This water line replacement project will affect planned road improvements on Deer Ridge Drive. The City originally planned to repair the existing water line in Deer Ridge Drive and complete the reconstruction of the roadway in 2021. However, as work began on the first phase of the water line repair, it became evident that the severity of the corrosion of the existing water line and the depth at which it was constructed would likely make the repairs unfeasible to complete as planned. After further analysis, it was determined that replacing the water line will be a more effective long term solution than repairing the existing water line. The City feels this is the best course of action to reduce the amount of disruptions to the SunCrest water system and Deer Ridge Drive. Draper City is committed to residents' safety and quality of life. We appreciate your patience as we continue working on this project. webLine Please note that project start and end dates are subject to change. If you have questions on these projects, contact Draper City's Engineering office at 801-576-6585 or email

300 East and 12300 South (Spring or Summer 2022)

300 East will be widened to add dual left turn lanes on Draper Parkway.

1300 E. and Pioneer Rd. Roundabout (Postponed until 2023)

To improve traffic flow, a second lane will be added through the roundabout in the NB and SB directions on 1300 E. New dedicated right turn lanes will be added on the EB and WB approaches of Pioneer Rd.

UDOT Projects

Draper City does not have control over UDOT (state transportation) projects. UDOT projects in Draper will be posted below as they occur, with links to UDOT's website for more information.

Capital Improvement Plan

Click on different projects on the map below or scroll through to view a list of projects that are part of Draper City's Capital Improvement Plan.