Flood Damage Assessment

Flood Damage Assessment Header

Update: 8-10-23

Draper City has established a process for property owners with storm damage to request a dumpster for disposal. Complete the request form here.

Update - 8-8-23

Draper City would like to provide an update regarding what we have been doing following Thursday’s severe storm incident and related damage. 

Public Safety Response and Public Infrastructure Damage Assessment

As the storm was occurring and immediately following, our police and fire personnel assisted residents in need. Police officers closed roads that were unsafe for travel, helped redirect traffic, and assisted our public works crews to identify and provide access to damaged infrastructure in need of urgent attention. Fire personnel replaced manhole covers that had blown off and rescued drivers who were stuck in flood waters. Salt Lake County sent additional public works support to help clear debris from roads and storm drains. Our public infrastructure, including roads, storm drains, parks, and trails suffered extensive damage. Our public works department is working on getting additional street sweepers with the generous help of neighboring cities to clear remaining debris from roads. 

Stability of Structures and Private Property Damage

Our Building Official and inspectors have responded to residents who had concerns about the stability of their homes and conducted inspections. Engineers contracted by the City have also conducted inspections. At this point, no structural damage has been found on private property.  The area where homes slid in the spring has been inspected and is currently stable. This area will continue to be monitored. Anyone who has concerns about the structural integrity of their home may contact our building office to request an inspection. 

Property Damage Reporting

We are very sorry to hear that many residents experienced property damage from the storm. As we previously announced, Draper City’s Emergency Management personnel are collecting data to submit to the county and state as a first step to determining eligibility for emergency funding. We ask all residents and businesses who have property damage to complete this form. This data is critical for the City to receive support for public infrastructure repairs. After collecting this data and submitting it to the county, state, and federal government, it will be determined if the City meets the eligibility requirements for funding. Details on how that funding would be used and if any funding is available for affected residents will be shared if and when that stage occurs. Please be aware that this process will take months. We remind residents not to expect compensation and not to wait to proceed with reporting to their homeowner’s insurance and completing necessary repairs. We will follow up throughout this process as we have new information. 


In order to file a claim for damages against Draper City, there must be an indication that City infrastructure failed for reasons other than storm-related damage to the infrastructure. Acts of nature are not the responsibility of the City. Those who believe their circumstances fit that criteria may file a claim form

Thank You

Recovery from this atypical storm event will take time. We have been uplifted by the efforts of neighbors reaching out and helping one another and hope that everyone will continue to lend a hand where they can. Draper is a wonderful community.

The Salvation Army and Red Cross have advised that they can provide cleanup kits and some other resources for those in need. Please contact the Salvation Army at (801) 895-7177 or the Red Cross at 1 (800) RED-CROSS.

Anyone who observes damage to roads, substantial debris on roads, or other damage or malfunction on any City property (parks, trails, storm drains, etc.), please send an email with the location and as much information as possible to engineering@draperutah.gov.