Online Utility Applications & Forms

Welcome to Draper City. When you have purchased property in Draper you must fill out a Utility Agreement Form. Please fill this form out as soon as possible. 

We will email you when your new account is set up. Your new account billing will begin on the date of your warranty deed unless otherwise specified. You can expect your first bill shortly. Utility bills are sent out on the first of each month and are for the services used the month before. Please notify the utility billing department if the seller will be renting back the property from the new owner. In this case, the account will remain in the seller’s name until they move out. 

Utility Applications for Owners, Renters, and Commercial Owners

If you are a landlord renting out a commercial or residential property in Draper City your tenant will need to fill out a Utility Agreement to be added to the account. We will send a copy of the statement to both the owner and the tenant so they will both be aware of the account status. This is a courtesy service. The landlord is always primarily responsible for payment. Sign up for service as a(n): 

Home Owners Association (HOA)?

Before signing up for Utility Service please check with your Home Owner's Association to see which services may be included in your HOA fees. 

Selling Your Property (terminating your service)

If you have recently sold your property, please fill out a Termination of Service Form as soon as possible with your estimated closing date. Please contact us if the estimated date changes. 

Once you have filled out the termination form, we will close your account based on the date the warranty deed is recorded in the new owner’s name. If you have water service with Draper City you must notify the Utility Billing Department at least 48 hours before your scheduled closing date so we can request your final meter read. If a refund is due, Draper City will send this to you by mail to the forwarding address you provided in the Termination of Service form. Please allow four to six weeks for your refund to be processed.

Terminate your service as a(n):   

Garbage/Recycle Requests

Additional garbage/recycling containers, replacements, or if you have an extra garbage or recycling can that you no longer need and would like to have picked up, these requests can be made here. Please use the appropriate form below for your request(s). Please note that these services have associated fees, detailed below the link to each form.

  • Request Extra Garbage/Recycling Container Delivery
    You will be charged $10 for an extra garbage container and/or $2.50 for an extra recycling container per month. Containers may be returned after a minimum of three (3) months if no longer necessary. Containers will be delivered in 2-3 business days.
  • Request to Pick Up Extra Garbage/Recycling Can You No Longer Need
    The request must be made 24 hours in advance. The container needs to be out the night before the pickup date. Driver will pick up the container any day except Mondays, Thursdays, and Holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day).
  • Request Broken Garbage/Recycling Replacement
    Please leave the container out by 7:00 am the day after this request is made. The container will be picked up in 2-3 business days. There is no charge for replacement unless the can has been damaged due to fire; fire damage replacements result in a $65.00 charge.

Draper City Equal Payment Plan

The Equal Payment Plan is a voluntary option for residents. In this plan, your monthly equal payment amount is calculated using your yearly usage from the previous billing year and divided equally over 12 months. To be eligible for the Equal Payment Plan you must be the property owner and have occupied your home for 12 months beginning January 1st of the prior year and have no late or missed payments within the period. Rental properties are not eligible for the Equal Payment Plan.

Draper City must receive this form before 5:00 PM on January 20 to participate in the Equal Payment Plan for the year that just began in January.  Enrollment forms will only be reviewed each year between December 20th and January 20th.  Forms received outside of this window will be reviewed during the next period.

Sign up for the Equal Payment Plan

Military Abatement Agreement

Draper City has a program to assist families residing in Draper when the head of the household (husband or wife) is on active military duty in a designated combat zone. The City would like to help you with your water, garbage, and storm water fees.  Please complete the Military Utility Abatement Form and attach a copy of the individual’s military orders. You will not be billed for applicable Draper City utilities. This program applies only to residential Draper City water users and does not apply to Water Pro customers or customers of any other water provider.