Green Waste

Green WasteDraper City does not provide a green waste service, however, there are a couple of annual special disposal events that are free to residents.

From mid-October to mid-December residents may drop off their bagged leaves at the Public Works facility (72 E Sivogah Court). Look for the sign and several large dumpsters on the vacant lot west of the facility.

After Christmas, the Parks division accepts Christmas trees for wood chipping. Trees can be dropped off at a location at Galena Park as well as the empty lot next to the Public Works building. Call the Parks division for info on dates and locations where this service is offered.

Trans Jordan Landfill Announces Green Waste Program Closure

Trans Jordan Landfill has permanently closed the green waste program from both receiving and selling green waste products due to a catastrophic fire resulting in the total destruction of two essential machines and rendering the green waste facility unusable. 

Trans Jordan Landfill will accept green waste as regular mixed waste at the usual rate of $39 per ton. Visit their website for more information.