Single Event Vendor License

Vendor License BannerBusinesses selling good or services at special events are required to hold a temporary business license granting a vendor permission to operate.

Please note that this application is for individual vendors only. Event organizers should apply for a temporary commercial business license, but only if charging for admission.

Application Process

1. Submit the Single Event Vendor License application to the Business License Official. Once processed, the applicant will receive an email requesting missing documentation (if any). When all documents are received, an invoice to pay for the license is sent to the applicant via email.

2. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining a temporary sales tax license for each vendor. Once the temporary sales tax license is issued by the Utah State Tax Commission and the license is paid for, the license will be issued to the applicant via email.

Required Documents

Proof of Business Registration: Must provide proof that the business is registered with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. This includes copies of the articles of organization ,certificates of registration, or other official paperwork. Sole proprietors may show DBA registration, if available.


  • How much will the single event business license cost?

The cost of the single event license is $20.00. You can review Draper City’s consolidated fee scheduled here. Nonprofits and religious organizations are not charged for a single event business license.

  • I'm selling food, do I need a health permit?

If selling prepared food, you need to obtain a temporary health permit from the Salt Lake (or Utah County) Health Department. Draper will not verify if this is obtained, but the health department will inspect each vendor at the event for property permitting.

Single Event Vendor License


Travis DeJong, Business License Official
Ph: (801) 576-6530 

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