Alcoholic Beverage License

Alcoholic Beverage License BannerThis application is for a business seeking to get Local Consent from Draper City to complete licensure with the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS). All business with DABS licensure operating in Draper - either permanently or temporarily - are required to maintain a valid, unexpired city alcohol license.

Application Process

1. Submit the Alcoholic Beverage License application to the Business License Official. Once processed, the applicant will receive an email requesting missing documentation (if any).

2. When all documentation is received, your application will receive a hearing before the City Council which will decide to either approve or deny granting Local Consent (this is needed in order to obtain licensure from DABS). The Business License Official will let you know the date of the City Council meeting.

3. Upon approval, a Local Consent Letter will be provided to the applicant via email to present to the DABS. An invoice will also be sent via email to pay for the license.

4. Once payment is made and the applicant presents licensure from the DABS to Draper City, the Alcoholic Beverage License is issued.

Required Documents

Various documents are required in order to obtain an alcohol license. What documents are required will depend on what kind of license you are seeking from the DABS.

Draper City Business License: If applicable, the applicant’s Draper City Business License must be up-to-date and issued, or, if a new business, must be applied for.

 Criminal Background Check: Required for certain business operations identified in Draper City Resolution No. 05-17. Background checks are performed by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification or the Draper City Police Department and must be made within the last year of application. A background check from another state or federal agency may also be accepted.

Floor Plan of Business: The floor plan must show where alcohol is to be stored, served, and consumed.

Dram Shop (Liquor Liability) Insurance: Must provide liability coverage in amount detailed in the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.

Cash, Corporate, or Surety Bond: Must be in the penal amount established in the Utah Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.


  • Are alcoholic beverage business licenses transferable between locations?

No. If changing locations within Draper, please complete a new alcoholic beverage license application.

  • Are alcohol licenses transferable between owners?

No. Upon renewal of the license, please indicate that there has been a change in ownership on the renewal application and the license will be issued to the new owner.

  • How much does the alcohol license cost? 

The cost of the alcohol license is $300.00 upon application with an additional $300.00 required upon renewal annually.  

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Having trouble with the online application? You may download an Alcoholic Beverage Business License Application form and send it to the Business License Official.


Travis DeJong, Business License Official
Ph: (801) 576-6530 

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