City Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Map is an interactive document that details current and future improvement projects in the city. Projects can be selected to view additional information, including the project description, budget, timeline, and city contact. 

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Park and Trails Projects

Many of the CIP projects are related to Parks and Recreation. The status of Parks and Recreation projects can be viewed below.

Currently Under Construction

Draper Park — North Playground Replacement | Plans to replace the playground near the North pavilion with a larger, unique, and inclusive playground.
Budget$1,500,000 (CIP 21-20)
  • Site Work (Harper Brothers) — Concrete work ongoing
  • Playground (Big T Rec) — Playground installation is ongoing
  • Landscaping/Irrigation (Parks Crews) — Anticipated to start irrigation the week of June 20
  • Concrete shortage and unavailability has caused delays
  • Rubber surfacing planned for mid-August — concrete dependent
ScheduleAnticipated completion in late-August. Additional delays may be caused by continual concrete shortages and bad weather.

Ballard Arena Improvements | Plans to add concrete and shade structure improvements.
Budget$435,000 (CIP 22-11)
  • Ordered shade structure from Big T Rec. – currently being fabricated.
  • 7/11 - Building permit issued
  • 10 of the 20 picnic tables were delivered and were assembled 5-20-22 in prep for food truck nights. Waiting on delivery of remainder.
  • Remaining 10 tables were delivered afternoon of 7-29-22. Working to get them assembled before Moto Challenge on 8-6-22 and for remaining food truck nights.
  • Site Work — Concrete work completed. Footings may start first week of August.
  • Shade structure delivery schedule for early September.
  • Site Work (except shade structure) has been competed

Parks, Trails & Recreation Master Plan 
Budget$100,000 (CIP 20-04)

Consultant is evaluating public & staff input and developing draft master plan.

  • 7/7 – Consultant provided draft of first two chapters. Currently under review by staff.

Anticipated completion/adoption of final plan in Fall 2022.

2022 Pavement Maintenance | Pavement treatments at new Parks Offices and Draper City Park.
Budget$264,100 (CIP 20-03)
  • Contract awarded to Morgan Asphalt.
  • Chip seal completed at P&R Offices & Draper Park east parking lots.
  • Slurry seal of all parking lots scheduled for September, after playground construction, due to storage needs for playground construction.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)/Lehi Loop Trails
BudgetNo city funding. Corner Canyon Trails Foundation (CCTF) to fund contractor for city's required match for grant.
  • Segment between Ann's Trail and Momentum (Lehi City) is completed.
  • Lehi City plans to go with a lower alignment through an existing neighborhood to provide for the connection to the DR Horton property. Trail will eventually connect to Brookside Trailhead.
  • 6/30 Update from Lehi City – construction started 7/25.
  • CCTF to construct 1 mile of trail to satisfy city grant match. Trail construction 80% completed.

Anticipated completion in Summer 2022.

Projects Under Planning and Design

Parks & Rec Offices Conservation Garden | Plans to install water conservation demonstration landscaping in both front and back yards at the new Parks & Rec Offices.
Budget$250,000 (CIP 21-23)
  • 4/5 — Tree Committee reviewed plans.
  • 5/31 — Bid opening for concrete improvements. Project awarded to Harper Brothers.
  • 6/7 — JVWCD Grant Agreement approved by City Council
  • 7/6 – Bid opening held. Only one bid received that was over double cost estimates. Project to be rebid in October.

Anticipated completion in Spring 2023.