What's Happening

Whats Happening BannerDo you ever wonder what's happening when you see construction activity in the city? Do you know how to report a street light that is out or an irrigation problem at a park? Want to see what community events are planned?

This page is a quick stop to find out what projects and events are happening in Draper. You can also ask questions of the City and report problems or request service. Click on the links below.

For a video overview and tutorial, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Road ConstructionMajor road construction projects include the construction of new roadways, repairs and upgrades to existing roads, intersection upgrades, and interchange installation. Road construction can cause traffic delays and jams, divert traffic, and impact businesses and neighborhoods. Use this page to navigate road construction projects and minimize their effects on your travel throughout the city.

City Improvement Projects Opens in new windowOur interactive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Map shows current and future public works and parks projects in the city. Projects on the map can be selected to view additional information, including the project description, budget, timeline, and city contact. 

Residential and Commercial DevelopmentNestled between the Salt Lake and Provo-Orem metropolitan areas, Draper is ideally positioned as a place for people to live, work, and play, and is appealing for its proximity, ease of access, and low crime rates. The city's rapidly growing commercial districts to meet the diverse needs of our residents, and most businesses can be found within a 10-minute drive from your front door.  This page shows current residential and commercial development projects in the city.

Community EventsCommunity events are designed to bring people together. Draper City hosts dozens of events annually designed to educate, entertain, and foster community pride and engagement. This page is your guide for everything from Easter egg hunts to holiday celebrations to the expansive Draper Days festival.

Ask the CityResidents may hear things in the community that they would like more information about or need clarification from the City. There may also be questions that you can't find an answer to elsewhere on our website. This page provides an opportunity for residents to submit questions to the City. Questions will be posted on the page with the answer from the City to create an FAQ list that will be updated periodically to remove content that is no longer timely or applicable.
Report a ProblemReports from residents help us identify and fix problems when something isn't working or has gone wrong. Reporting issues when they happen helps make Draper a better place, and we appreciate the time it takes to provide this information. Whether its animal control and property checks, zoning and code concerns, street signs and water issues, and park maintenance and amenities, this is your one-stop shop for letting us know what needs to be addressed.