Firewise Program

By taking a fire-adapted community approach to wildland fire preparedness, communities can greatly reduce their wildland fire vulnerability. The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program facilitates this process with a framework for communities to work with partners including state forestry and Draper City fire department to organize, plan, and conduct activities each year that make a difference in community wildland fire safety. Ready, Set, Go! Brings the fire department and residents together to build important understanding, preparedness, and action.

  • The Ready, Set, Go! Program utilizes fire service personnel to teach individuals through public outreach efforts who live in high-risk wildland fire areas how to best prepare themselves and their properties against wildland fire threats. Learn more by visiting their website here.
  • For those homeowners who already have established vegetation, you can create a survivable space in your Home Ignition Zone by removing, reducing and replacing existing vegetation to slow or stop the spread of wildfire. Learn more by visiting their website here
  • The Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (UWRAP) has officially been launched and is the primary mechanism for the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands to deploy wildfire risk information and create awareness about wildfire issues across the state. The portal provides access to wildland fire risk assessment data finalized in 2013 as part of the West Wide Wildfire Risk Assessment (WWA). Learn more by visiting their website here
  • Utah Wildland Information can be found here.
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