Rush Trail

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Rush Trail has multiple loops and alternate or access trails, for a total of 4.85 miles of mountain biking fun within Corner Canyon. Rush Trail includes the sections Rush – Fly By Night, Rush Limelight, Rush – The Trees, and the 0.05 mile doubletrack Rush Access section. Some mountain biking sites also refer to sections of the trail as “Rush Beginner” or “Rush Green.” 

Rush Trail – The main Rush Trail is 3.5 miles in length, descending 1150 vertical feet from the Peak View trailhead on Traverse Ridge (altitude 5900 feet). The newer alignment bypasses an up-and-down section called The Trees to offer a more continuous downhill. If you ride "Classic Rush" with the detour through The Trees, you'll bypass 0.3 miles of "official" Rush for 1.0 mile of flatter riding, making your total 4.2 miles.

Rush – The Trees. At mile 0.4 from the top, you'll reach a trail fork. In 2013, a new steeper route was cut, bypassing a longer but not-always-downhill section. The new route to your left is 0.3 miles, the bypassed trail is 1.0 mile. The bypassed trail has been renamed The Trees. If you take this "classic" route, you'll do some pedaling, but will be rewarded with distance and views. Add 0.7 miles to ride mileage if you rode The Trees.

Rush – Fly By Night. You can drop into The Trees from Brock's trail. The connector is called Fly By Night and is only about 100 yards long. When climbing, it's on the right, about 0.2 miles from where Brock's forks away from Canyon Hollow. (When descending from Peak View on Brock's, Fly By Night is at mile 0.3 from the trailhead on your left.) As you hit The Trees, turn to the right to align with the one-way riding direction. Keep straight when you join the main Rush downhill trail 0.6 miles later.

Rush – Limelight. The portion below the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) is called Rush Limelight, a 1.09 mile section that starts at mile 2.5. After dipping through a little (often dry) creek, cross the BST to the Rush Limelight trail. 

Other Notes: This trail crosses several multi-use trails, and bikers must yield to other users. Hikers, dogs, and horses are not allowed. No uphill traffic allowed of any kind. Restrooms located at Andy Ballard Arena and the Peak View Trailhead (at the top of the trail).

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Quick Facts

Length: 4.85 miles (all trails)
Difficulty Rating: Moderate to Difficult
Trail Type: Bikes-only 
Dogs Allowed? No
Trailhead: Andy Ballard Arena, 1651 E. Highland Dr.
Trailhead Coordinates: 40.50690537512093, -111.84572834491513
Restrooms at Trailhead? Yes

How to Get There

Park at the Andy Ballard Arena parking lot, located at 1651 East Highland Drive. Use the tunnel under Highland Drive (west of parking lot) to access the Lower Corner Canyon Trails. Continue up Lower Corner Canyon Road or Trail 0.9 miles to the major junction with multiple trails, including the BST and the start of the Limelight section of Rush. To continue to the upper sections of Rush, continue east up the Lower Corner Canyon Road 0.3 miles to the junction with access to Canyon Hollow Trail to the right. Continue up the access trail to connect to Canyon Hollow. Continue left, up Canyon Hollow 1.7 miles to the junction with Brock’s Point Trail. Turn right and continue up Brock’s Point Trail 0.2 miles to the junction with Hoof n’ Boot and the start of the Fly By Night connection to Rush. To continue to the start of the main Rush Trail, continue up Brock’s Point Trail an additional 0.2 miles to the Peak View Trailhead. Loop around the right side of the parking lot to the beginning of Rush.