Maple Hollow Trail

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Maple Hollow has three trails. The north trail is a multi-use, single-track trail from Maple Hollow Trailhead to Ann's Trail. There's also a downhill bike-only trail, and a south trail. The south trail is a multi-use single-track from Maple Hollow Trailhead to Brookside Trailhead.

Maple Hollow Downhill - Bike Only (to Brookside)

Maple Hollow downhill mountain bike trail features berms, jumps, and wood structures, along with countless twists and turns, as it descends more than 1,000 feet down Maple Hollow. You can use the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Oak Hollow, Ann’s, and Maple Hollow to access the top of the trail from the Oak Hollow Trailhead and form a 5.2-mile loop.

While many of the features found on the trail are advanced in technical difficulty, all of them can be rolled over or bypassed, making it suitable for strong intermediate riders. 

Maple Hollow Trail - Mixed Use (to Ann's)

This is a moderate level, multi-use dirt trail available for hiking, biking, and equestrian use within Maple Hollow in the Suncrest area.

Other Notes: Hikers, dogs, and horses are not allowed. No uphill traffic allowed of any kind. No restrooms.

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Quick Facts

Length: Bike-only: 2.4 miles. Multi-use: 3.92 miles.
Difficulty Rating: Moderate (multi-use sections) and Difficult (bikes-only section)
Trail Type: The downhill section is bikes only and difficult; all other sections are multi-use and moderate
Dogs Allowed? No
Trailhead: Oak Hollow
Trailhead Coordinates: 40.48561501991894, -111.86844072957518
Restrooms at Trailhead? No

How to Get There

Park at the Oak Hollow Trailhead, located at 809 East Traverse Ridge Road. Use the access trail to the east that connects to the BST tunnel under the road. Continue up the BST 0.7 miles to the junction with Ann’s Trail. Turn left on Ann’s Trail and continue up 1.4 miles to the junction with the Maple Hollow North Trail. Continue up the Maple Hollow North Trail 1.1 miles to the start of the downhill trail.    

To ride the trail as a one-way with a shuttle, you will first need to drop a vehicle off at Oak Hollow Trailhead and then drive to the Maple Hollow Trailhead (15182 S. Elk Glen Drive) to the start of the trail.