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Quick Facts

Length: 1.59 miles one-way
Trail Type: Bike-only, mountain bike
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Dogs Allowed? No
Trailhead: Brookside (1903 E. Brookside Dr.)
Restroom at Trailhead? Yes


With an elevation drop of more than 500 feet, this unique downhill mountain bike trail was built for a fast, flowing ride with plenty of banked curves, jumps and rollers. This flow trail down the south side of the mountain is only open to mountain biking and is limited to downhill traffic only, so it is an awesome trail to get some speed and test your downhill skills. The trail is intermediate in technical difficulty due to the high speed and banked turns. However, all of the features on the trail can be ridden over easily so strong beginners will enjoy the trail as well. Slower riders should use caution not to block the trail, especially near turns and jumps where fast downhill traffic may not be able to see you in time to slow down. 

Vertigo is adjacent to Levitate, which is an advanced-level trail. At one point, during the first section, the two trails merge for a time. Built by Gravity Logic, this trail is wide with massive berms and lots of little table tops and sections to air out on. The trail should be considered intermediate. Though it can be fairly easily rolled down, some beginners will have a tough time navigating the many berms at low speed. Additionally, there is a lot of fast traffic on this trail, so without high awareness and nominal speed you could put yourself and others in danger by hanging out too long around a blind corner or other obstacle with low visibility on the other side.


How to Get There

Park at Brookside Trailhead located at 1903 East Brookside Drive (15990 S.).  

Shorter Access Route (1.8 miles) – Use Maple Hollow South Trail (which is multi-use), located to the west of the trailhead, for the shortest access to the trail. Continue up the Maple Hollow South Trail 1 mile. Turn right and continue up the Eagle Crest Access Trail 0.3 miles to Eagle Crest Trail. Turn right and continue east along Eagle Crest Trail 0.5 miles to the start of the trail.  

Easier Access Route (2.3 miles) - Use Woods Hollow Trail (which is multi-use), located to the east of the trailhead, for easier access to the trail. Continue up Woods Hollow Trail 1.7 mile to the junction with Eagle Crest Trail. Turn left and continue east along Eagle Crest Trail 0.6 miles to the start of the trail.