Rules & Trail Etiquette

Remember to be courteous and aware as you enjoy the trails throughout Draper. When going downhill on any trail, it is courteous to yield to all uphill traffic, while bikers should yield to all other users in any direction. 

If you stop to enjoy the views, always step off the trail. If you are approaching a horse, let the horse and rider know you are coming by vocalizing your presence. This will help keep the horse from being spooked. Watch the videos for more trail etiquette tips.

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Where am I allowed to take my dog?dog

Dogs are not allowed in the Corner Canyon watershed area, which includes above the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Dogs are allowed in the following areas:

ON-LEASH: Dogs may be on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and any trails below it, starting from Hidden Valley Park in Sandy to Potato Hill Trail in Draper. They may also be on the Potato Hill Trail and any trails below it to the junction of Ann’s Trail.

OFF-LEASH: Dogs can be off-leash in the West Bluff off-leash test area at 1455 E. Deer Ridge Drive. They may also be off-leash at the Dayland Dog Park and the Galena Dog Park.

Dogs trained for and assisting a person with a disability, or dogs used in law enforcement or search and rescue work are permitted on the trails.

Are eBikes allowed?

Yes, only Class 1 eBikes are allowed on the trails in Corner Canyon.

How do I access the hike for Lone Peak?

Access to Lone Peak can start from Jacob’s Ladder, which is at the Ghost Falls Trailhead. However, the road to these trailheads is currently closed to help reduce the risk of fires. Other alternative access points for Lone Peak include the Cherry Canyon Logging Trail accessed from Orson Smith trailhead; the Hammagogs Trail from Alpine City; or the Sawmill Trail from Hidden Valley Trailhead in Sandy.

When do the gates to Upper Corner Canyon close?

The gates are currently closed at all times as of July 1, 2020 to help reduce the risk of ignition and to allow access for the fire department in case of a fire in the area. Typically, the gates are open 24 hours per day during the summer, except when conditions are muddy.

When do the gates to Corner Canyon open after the winter?

The road closes during the winter season and re-opens as weather conditions permit.