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Clean Air. Let’s Show We Care.

Draper City, along with the rest of the Wasatch Front, struggles with poor air quality. In Utah, 53 percent of harmful particulates in the air come from vehicles. The good news is that all of us can do our part to reduce that number and improve air quality with easy lifestyle changes.

Draper City and Canyons School District invite you to join us for our Clean Air Initiative. The goals for the Clean Air Initiative are simple, but will require all of us to do our part to be successful:

  1. Educate on the air-quality benefits of being idle-free;
  2. Outline actions we can all take to make a real and measurable difference in our air quality

Draper City Idle Free Toolkit

Draper City has developed an Idle Free Toolkit for parents and students with fun, interactive resources tailored to the daily themes for Idle Free Week. We encourage residents to use these resources to educate themselves on the benefits of being idle free.

Let’s All Do Our Part.

On June 18, 2019 the Draper City Council adopted Resolution #19-34, the Draper City Clean Air Initiative. This Resolution encourages Draper residents to stop idling their engines on public or private property if they are waiting more than two minutes, except in extenuating situations where health and safety are a concern. 

Doing Our Part: Dough-Not Idle at Schools events

Our Clean Air Initiative launched at local schools with an important idle-free campaign to educate on how much each of us can improve air quality by remembering to “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free”.


Do Your Part:  Be Idle-Free

Sometimes we wonder if what we do actually makes a difference.  In the case of idling reduction improving air quality, the answer is YES!

  • 53% of the harmful particulates in the air are generated by vehicles;
  • Concentrations of pollution, called “hot spots” exist where these cars naturally congregate, such as traffic corridors, industrial sites, or schools, where drop-off and pick-ups creates these pockets of pollution that are unhealthy for our children;

Do Your Part: Take Our Air Quality Awareness Survey

Draper City Idle-Free Parent Survey

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Do Your Part:  Participate in the “Turn Your Key, Be Idle-Free” event at your school

Do Your Part: Check the website of the Division of Air Quality 

See the Air Quality Forecast and make your choices accordingly, such as carpooling, reducing vehicle use or not using solid fuel burning devices.  Visit now.

Idle Free Week Media Coverage

Clean Air Resources