2019 Resident Survey

In July 2019, we conducted a survey to better understand 5 Things to Rememberresident’s priorities and concerns and to solicit input for the Draper City General Plan. Over 1,800 residents took the survey- a large number for a city of our size. What we heard from residents is that as we grow and change we must work together to proactively plan for the future, invest in our transportation infrastructure, provide more recreational opportunities and facilitate the creation of high-paying jobs right here at home.


Quality of Life in Draper 

Residents consider the quality of life in Draper to be very high. When compared to five years ago, resident’s perception of the quality of life has remained steady. Approximately the same number of residents viewed the quality of life as improving as residents who viewed the quality of life as getting worse. Nine out of ten residents said they were very likely to recommend Draper City to friends and family.

Priorities for the City

A plurality of residents indicated that planning for long-term growth needs should be the top priority for the city. Resident’s secondary priorities related to long-term planning, including developing and maintaining reliable infrastructure (transportation, water, sewer) and growing in an environmentally sustainable way that preserved natural amenities such as trails, parks and open space.


Planning - On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the Draper City Council adopted the Draper City General Plan. The General Plan is an important document that articulates a clear vision to guide key decisions for many years to come. The updates to the General Plan reflect thousands of comments from residents gathered through a robust public outreach effort spanning a 5-month period in 2019.

Transportation - Draper City is working hard to provide residents with a well-functioning transportation system. We are partnering with the Utah’s transportation agencies to conduct a study of a potential expansion of the transit system through our community. We recently updated the City’s Master Transportation Plan to identify long-term roadway investments and welcomed Lime electric scooters to our community.

Communication - We have instituted a monthly e-newsletter to provide more timely information to our residents. We will continue to publish the Draper Forward, post regularly on social media, and provide up-to-date information on our website. We love hearing from you and are glad that you want to hear from us!