Emergency Operation Center

Draper City is dedicated to preparing community members, local businesses and emergency personnel for any emergency that may occur in our city boundaries or neighboring cities and counties.  We have an Emergency Preparedness Director who oversees emergency planning for our city.  We also have the Draper City District Representative program that has been organized to help in their areas and neighborhoods.  The Emergency Operation Center will be housed at Draper City Hall.  The shelter location for Draper will be Corner Canyon High School. There are many resources you may need for an emergency situation, and we have listed those resources here.



Weather Information Utah American Red Cross
BeReady UtahUtah Fire Information
Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS)University of Utah Seismographic Stations
Utah Division of Emergency ManagementState of Utah
Utah State Health DepartmentPandemic Flu Planning in Utah    
Salt Lake County Emergency ManagementUtah County Emergency Management


Citizen Corps
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Neighborhood Watch