Fire Marshal

Don Buckley circleFire Marshal Don Buckley is responsible for fire code enforcement, fire and life safety prevention and education activities, and fire investigations within the City of Draper. He has been with Draper City Fire since 2018.

Don got his start in the Fire Service in Wildwood, New Jersey in the early ‘90s. He has also worked for a few departments in Utah in their Fire Prevention Divisions. He is a member of the Utah Fire Marshals Association, and Utah Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, and is an Instructor for the Utah Fire Rescue Academy. Don has also worked for Rocky Mountain Raceway and NASCAR as a Firefighter and Safety Officer. 

Don is always willing to take the time to educate and to talk with citizens and business owners about the benefits of fire safety. He takes great pride in helping to make Draper City a fire-safe community.    


Office: (385) 557-2806 
Cell: (801) 824-3714

Office of the Fire Marshal

The office of the Fire Marshal exists to serve residents and businesses in the needs of public safety, fire prevention education, construction, and code enforcement. Draper’s Fire Marshal office has several decades of combined experience and success with fire and life safety.

The responsibilities of the Draper City Fire Marshal include: 

  1. Fire Prevention & Education Programs
  2. New Construction Review/Inspection
  3. Fire Code Enforcement/Inspections
  4. ISO Rating/Compliance

The Fire Marshal Office operates out of Draper City Hall. 

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (and as needed for emergency and other services).

Recreational Fires - Residential Open Burning - Agricultural Burning Requirements

Fire Inspector

Fire inspectors examine buildings in order to detect fire hazards and ensure that federal, state, and local fire codes are met. Fire inspectors assess fire hazards in both public and residential areas. They look for issues that may pose a risk and recommend ways to reduce the fire hazard. During patrols, they ensure that the public is following fire regulations, and will report fire conditions.

Draper City's Fire Inspector, Brandy Anderson, can be reached at (385) 255-0246 or you can contact Draper City's Fire Marshall, Don Buckley, at (801) 824-3714.


Ph: (385) 255-0246