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Application Checklist  2250 px. x 1500 px.

  • The first step to holding a special event is to read through the application
  • Special Event Permit Application
  • Download and "Save As" before entering information
  • All events use this application except filming events
  • Contact us (801) 576-6584 email as soon as your plan starts developing, especially if the event is new or large

Filming Events
  • Filming Permit Application
  • Applications for filming events should be submitted no later than 4 business days prior to filming
  • Contact us (801) 576-6584 email to discuss your filming schedule as soon as your plan starts developing

Site Plan

  • A detailed site plan is required for all applications
  • A site plan is a diagram that paints a picture of what your event will look like, showing the entire event area and all associated activities
  • Examples of Site Plans
  • Site plans should included
    • Restroom, water station, and waste container locations
    • Food truck, vendor, and merchandise areas
    • Location of parking area, first aid station, and main attraction

Additional Permits
  • Many special events require the approval of multiple city departments and other public agencies
  • The venue, activities, components, estimated attendance, and unique circumstances of the event are contributing factors to the final determination of the required additional permits 
  • Additional Permits Required for Special Events

Insurance Requirements

  • Applicants for a special event permit must provide liability insurance with a minimum two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) per occurrence, with three million dollars ($3,000,000.00) general aggregate coverage 
  • The liability insurance must name Draper City as an additional insured by endorsement
  • Applicants must submit both a certificate of insurance AND an actual copy of the additional-insured endorsement

  • Contact the Special Event Coordinator at (801) 576-6584 or by email