Garden of Wheadon - Draper Community Garden at Wheadon Park

Garden of Wheadon ScoutsDraper City's Community Garden is located at 300 East 13200 South on the south side of the road. The garden brings together community members to grow their own food.

The garden was made possible by a partnership between Salt Lake County Parks and Wasatch Community Gardens. Salt Lake County set aside part of their land in Wheadon Park for the community garden. 

The program is run by volunteers with assistance from Wasatch Community Gardens to provide staff assistance, volunteer coordination, infrastructure repairs, financial management, gardener applicant processing, general troubleshooting, and conflict mediation.

There is a cost to gardeners to participate on a yearly basis (typical plot fees are from $20 to $40) and each gardener must donate hours to take care of the site. Plots are available on a first-come basis, and Wasatch Community Gardens does keep a waiting list for their gardens in case someone drops out. The Draper Community Garden has 39 plots, including four handicapped-accessible plots. To sign up for a plot, contact Wasatch Community Gardens.

Contact Information

Wasatch Community Gardens

824 South 400 West, Suite B127
(12400 S.), Bottom Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Phone: (801) 359-2658
Website: Wasatch Community Gardens
  1. Facebook: @DraperCommunityGarden