Dogs on Draper Trails

Dogs on Draper Trails Protected Watershed Area Map Dogs are no longer allowed in the Corner Canyon watershed area. The Draper City Council recently voted unanimously to approve amending the City Code to restrict dogs from the Corner Canyon Watershed (on or off leash). This watershed supplies drinking water to Draper residents and is managed by WaterPro.

There is a serious public health threat caused by dog owners who have been illegally allowing their animals to pollute the water in Corner Canyon. To address this issue and protect the quality of the drinking water in Draper, the City Council voted to ban dogs from the watershed.

In Ordinance No. 1197 it states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to take or permit any dog or to allow said dog to be within any watershed area so designated by ordinance.”

There are other areas available where dog owners can legally take their animals on leash, as follows:

1) Along and downhill from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hidden Valley Park in Sandy to the junction of Potato Hill Trail.

2) Along and downhill from the Potato Hill Trail to the junction of Ann’s Trail.

Please note: This ordinance shall not apply to dogs specially trained for and actually assisting a person with a disability, or dogs used in law enforcement or search and rescue work.

The Draper Police Department will be monitoring the watershed area and will issue tickets for non-compliance, which is a Class C Misdemeanor.

Ord. 1204, Protection of Water Quality in the Watershed Areas Ord. 1204, Protection of Water Quality in the Watershed Areas


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